Welcome to Petron Design 
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Petron Design is a premier home, business, restaurant, and country club interior design firm based in Palm Beach County, Florida. We serve clients nationally, with a concentration in the Southeast and Northeast.

Petron Design's skilled consultants will design and decorate your home or business with space planning and interior accents that will enhance your lifestyle and productivity. Only the latest modern design concepts are used to achieve the style you are seeking.

Interior design has a place both in the home and office. Great design for the office will make you and your employees happier, and more productive. Clients and customers will benefit from a professional, atmosphere that has an inviting look and feel!  Great design for the home makes your house more inviting, comfortable, and a haven from the stress of daily life.

Registered and Licensed

We pride ourselves on only using registered interior designers. A registered interior designer is permitted to use a stamp that is to be affixed along with signatures to all drawings, specifications, or documents prepared for submission. The stamp will typically identify the organization that registers the interior designer, the name of the registered individual, registration number, and expiration date.

Green Design
We are often asked "Just how 'green' is Green Design Furniture?" Green manufacturing to us means creating designs that endure— structurally and artistically— to last for generations, without harming either the environment or the people that make or use them. Our work is done using domestically grown solid wood, logged following sustainable forestry guidelines. Whenever possible, our manufacturing waste products are recycled or repurposed.